Enamel Pin Grades

What is the difference between Grade A and Grade B pins?

 Grade A: Close to perfect as these are all handmade items that can vary from product to product.
No more than 1 minor flaw.
Some minor flaws:
▷ not noticeable air bubbles
▷ very minor enamel under fill
▷ very minor light imperfections in the metal plating
▷ small areas of plating imperfections on sides of pin
▷ plating imperfections on the back of pin
 Grade B: Noticeable flaws, some more minor or major than others.
Can be more than 1 minor flaw
Flaws can include:
▷ noticeable under filled enamel
▷ multiple air bubbles in enamel
▷ missing enamel on small portion
▷ moderately scuffed enamel or metal
▷ noticeable off-set screen printing
▷ large areas of plating imperfections on back of pin